Advantages of Hiring Through a Recruitment Agency

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Are you an employer looking forward to using a recruitment agency to assist with hiring new employees? Find out how it can be a great idea!

Knowledge of The Market

The expert recruiters will have their finger on the pulse of their professional markets and can give the hiring team insight into what’s going on. They have an understanding of the available talent, where it is and how to reach out to them, career expectations, salary rates, available skill-sets, and existing hiring complexities. If other organizations are struggling to find similar candidates like you, they would be in a position to advise on alternative solutions. The best will attain the role of partners and collaborators, and will still be your eyes and ears in the industry.

Extended Reach

Some candidates are a tough nut to crack. They could be passive, or they could be selective. If they aren’t responsive to job advertisements, don’t consider themselves as part of your ‘talent pool’ and find it tiring to search full time then the chances are that they may have relationships with reliable specialist recruiters in your industry. Even if they aren’t presently active, there’s quite a chance that a potential recruiter will know who they are and ways to reach them. Agencies have numerous networks – each candidate, consultant, collaborator or client has the potential to leverage their networks to help connect you to candidates with a range of experiences and skills, many of who would be off the radar for a hiring manager or an in-house team.

Candidates Not Applicants

A great deal of talent attraction is aimed at attracting candidates, whether they are responsive to an advert, applying on spec, or via your web portal. A lot of these individuals may not be good matches for the position; hence a lot of time will be invested in assessing, filtering, matching and communicating with the potential candidates. When we discuss bad candidate experience, it’s typically an applicant experience that we are referring to. Time and resource-poor recruitment crews may not be able to attain a thorough matching process. Here getting help from a recruitment agency mean that you analyze only candidates – job seekers who went through pre-selection to match all the criteria that you are looking for and who are worthy of interview and consideration.


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