Want to Know How a Good and Bad Recruiter Sound Like? Here is How

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Have you ever engaged with recruiters at different agencies and understood why their method benefits your business functions?

Have you asked for an outline of the goals of your agency so they can attain your targeted hiring dates?

Do you rely on them to the point of not worrying about their superiority of candidates?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then you need to think about whether they are the appropriate agency for your organization. To acquire a tremendous partnership, you need to know that they will be looking out for you, not forcing their candidates through the process that are not a suitable fit. Here is how to know if you are paired with the right or wrong recruitment agency.

1. Knows your company:

Right: Knows the industry and size of your organization and will target the perfect candidate – to make sure they will be the right fit they’ll scrutinize the candidate comprehensively.

Wrong: Hasn’t taken the time to interact with managers or get to know you or the organization; they are too focused on having the next client or candidate get through their door.

2. Understands your business needs:

Right: Understands where your business needs occur and become a true partner with what you are trying to achieve.

Wrong: Doesn’t take the time to know what your organizational goals are and worries more about how much bucks they can make in finding the right candidate.

3. Always trying to get better:

Right: Takes time to interact with you to go over your needs and asks for feedback after interviews to ensure they are targeting the suitable pool of candidates.

Wrong: Places the same type of candidate in front of you after you have rejected and doesn’t understand why you rejected in the first place. Additionally, continuously makes excuses for why things are not a success.

4. They listen:

Right: Takes time to hear what you need and want, doesn’t put you under pressure to make impulsive decisions but sets up timetables to get satisfactory feedback.

Wrong: Asks the same questions and will look for short cuts for getting you the appropriate candidate since they are pushing too many candidates through the pipeline that don’t even fit your organizational needs.


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